Quick Life Summary


I was born and raised in Sebastian, TX, which is between Harlingen and Lyford in the Rio Grande Valley.  I am the 11th of 12 brothers and sisters (my twin brother being the 10th ).  My family was a migrant family traveling mostly to northern Texas for work ( picking cotton, hoeing, etc. ) 

I graduated from Lyford High School in 1992.  My twin and I attended St. Edward's University in Austin, TX through a C.A.M.P. (College Assitant Migrant Program).  I had a passion for mathematics.  Upon graduation with my Bachelors degree in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science in Fall 96, I enrolled in Texas A&M University at College Station to pursue my Master's degree in Mathematics.  I graduated in Spring 1999 and was hired full time in Fall 1999 at STC.

I married my college sweetheart Marisela and have three beautiful daughters (Marina - 13, Nila - 11, Isa - 7).

As for hobbies and interests, I'm game for just about any outdoor activity (horseback riding, football, volleyball, basketball, softball, paintball, etc), but below are some of the more common things you'll find me doing.

I enjoy what I do, especially when I see students take an interest in their own future and put forth the effort to succeed.  Remember, all the sacrifices you are making to be successful through college are temporary.  The time will pass by QUICKLY so keep a confident and positive attitude, and your success will follow.